5 Often Ignored Makeup Musts

There are common rules in makeup application that most are already aware of and try their very best to follow, such as ensuring to get the right shade of foundation or curling lashes before and not after applying mascara. In this post, I want to bring to light makeup rules that are as important, but for some reason, are a little less popular. These are steps I’ve noticed a lot of people often skip or consider unnecessary, but are actually essential and must be followed or kept in mind by every makeup wearer and artist.

  1. Prepping the skinprep
    The key to a flawless, natural, and healthy-looking made up face is meticulous skin care and preparation. Skin prep is often ignored because aside from that it takes time, most think that having a really good foundation and/or concealer will be enough to achieve a flawless look. While there is some truth to it, foundations and concealers could only do and cover so much. Plus, with great skin, you wouldn’t even need to put much product on your face anymore and that’s a good thing. When it comes to makeup application, for me, less is always more.The following are four skin prep steps you must do before applying foundation:

    • Cleanse – It is important to rid your face of all oil and dirt before covering it with makeup. Skipping this step may clog your pores and cause you to breakout.
    • Exfoliate – Foundation on dry skin is a big NO. It clings to dry patches, making it very hard to blend out. Make sure to exfoliate to remove dead skin so your face won’t look flaky.
    • Moisturize – After exfoliating, ensure that your skin stays smooth and hydrated throughout the day by applying a lightweight moisturizer. Foundation will look best and will go on smoothly on a well-moisturized face. Careful not to overdo this step or your face might get too greasy! A pea-sized amount or two of moisturizer is usually enough for the whole face.
    • Apply primer – Aside from filling in fine lines on your face and minimizing pores for that extra flawless finish, applying primer helps your foundation last longer (less touch-ups!).

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