Recipe: Skinny Champorado

I’ve been craving for something chocolatey these past few days, but couldn’t get myself to actually eat an actual chocolate candy bar or any chocolate flavored dessert for that matter. Remorse is something I really don’t want to deal with right now (😂) plus I’m trying to follow a stricter diet in the next few weeks. I’ve been a little loosey goosey with my food choices lately (ugh). I get lazy days, too. 😣✌

So anyway, last night, while daydreaming about chocolate, I thought of how it’d be so good to have a bowl of warm and chocolatey champorado. However, that meant basically eating spoonfuls of extra sugary white rice that just doesn’t help my “I’m trying to follow a stricter diet” plan.

But since I was determined to have my champorado and thankfully, always willing to try and make healthier versions of dishes/recipes I love, I present to you, my Skinny Champorado.

My first idea was to use multigrain red rice from Benguet instead of white malagkit rice (because that’s our rice at home), but that’s still rice. If I wanted to make a significantly healthier champorado, then I’d have to replace the rice altogether. Next option was quinoa, but didn’t have any on hand plus it might be too soft and mushy for this particular dish. I then thought of rolled oats, sure, but still a bit too mushy so I wasn’t too convinced.

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8 Tips to Surviving a Strict Diet

I was on a very strict diet for almost nine months. How strict is “very strict”, you ask? Very low sodium (1 tsp. of salt per day!), low dairy (just plain yogurt and three types of cheese were allowed) no sugar (just from some fruits), no processed/junk food, no bad carbs (grains and grain products), no pork, no alcohol, no soda or flavored drinks. Every meal had a protein (chicken breast, lean beef, and select seafood only) and vegetable component and I could only pick food to cook or buy from a list of allowed food. I had to weigh my protein and veggies for every single meal. Meals needed to be at least five hours apart and I had to be asleep by 10PM. So yes, when I say “very strict”, I mean very strict.

Overall, I think I did pretty good, but truth be told, there were days that having to cook my food after a long, exhausting day at work made me want to cry and pull my hair out. There were good and bad days and those bad days can sidetrack you. It’s easy to tell anyone that they just need to be very disciplined and dedicated in order to be a successful dieter, but how? How does one stay focused while keeping sane? Dieting is mental battle as much as it is a physical one. So for those who are about to start on one, here are my 8 tips to surviving a strict diet:

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